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Hot Dog Delivery People, Mexican Wrestlers, Joe DiMaggio's Expiration, Reese's Pieces Wins!, Beretta Burrata and MORE

HOT DOGS - Throughout the World Series, all Zog's Dogs catering orders of $100 or more will be delivered by a living and breathing hot dog. [EaterWire]

HALLOWEEN - Reese's Pieces is officially your favorite Halloween candy and Thomas Keller's too! You're welcome. [SFist]

THE SHUTTER - Don't you love it when the rumor mill is right on? Today Signore Lucchesi reports that Joe DiMaggio's has expired in North Beach just in time for Halloween. Owner Rick Dudum is now thinking about what costume the space will wear next. [ISSF]

SOUTH PARK - Tres Agaves is celebrating it's 5-Year Anniversary tomorrow night with a special screening of World Series game 3, chased by a celebration with real Mexican wrestlers, Luchadores of Lucha Vavoom, chased by dancing and tequila shots. Aye aye aye. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION - Beretta will be added to the Street Food Friday mix at Fabric8 this eve. Adobo Hobo, Toasty Melts and Sweet Constructions will also be there from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and since the exhibit ends Monday, tonight would be your last chance to see the food art exhibit while eating food. [EaterWire]

FOOD FESTS - The Big Sur Food & Wine Festival is coming up from November 4th to the 7th. You can join the Hiking with Stemware guided nature tour with three outdoor wine stops and lunch at a private ranch cooked by Kurt Grasing of Grasing's. But that's certainly not all. The full list of possibilities can be found here. [Zagat Buzz]

ARTISAN ALERT - New Taste Marketplace is just what it sounds like; and they're looking for local, homemade or foraged product vendors to sell at their Potrero Hill HQ. Check out the Facebook page for more information. [EaterWire]


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