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Locavore, MA•Velous, In-N-Out, Grub, and More

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Little openings fertilized patches citywide this week. Here's your chance to review them all and send us a note if there's something we've somehow overlooked.

Locavore.jpg1) Bernal Heights: This week chef Jason Moniz brings San Francisco the expert kitchen skill that made Flora such a hit in Oakland. He's opened Locavore in a space (3215 Mission Street) designed by Keith Randolf, who did Bar Crudo. According to Lady Hopper, the opening menu sounds quite nice; those ingredients better be local. [Tablehopper]

2) SoMa: The Grill has opened at 799 Bryant Strett where Luna Taqueria used to be. They have hand formed-burgers, hot dogs and something called a heart attack sandwich. [Yelp via GrubStreet]

3) The Mission: We wrote about Grub a few times and now it has opened for biz. This post here has some menu copies you may wish to peruse. [Tablehopper]

4) Pacific Heights: After near-simul closings of Cassis and Neecha Thai, replacements Sweet Maple and Sweet Lime are both now open. Seriously guys, you're scaring us. What's up with that. [EaterWire, Tablehopper]

5) Santa Rosa: The sort of controversial Santa Rosa In-N-Out outpost has opened. This is number 249 for the cult-followed mostly West Coast burger chain. [BiteClubEats]

6) Pacific Heights: The replacement for Patisserie Delanghe on Fillmore Street has also arrived. Like its predecessor, Fillmore Bakeshop is a family run affair, but the pastries and baked offerings slant a bit more toward American sweets. [Tablehopper]

7)Civic Center: Last but certainly not least, MA•Velous, a design-driven, coffee- and wine-centric eatery, has opened near the intersection of Fell and Market Streets. [EaterWire]

Eater adores early reports on newcomers, so do send us your thoughts if you patronize any of the above.


3215 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


3215 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA