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Jeremy Fox Trots Over To Napa With Tyler Florence

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NAPA - Jeremy Fox: one-time Ubuntu star, flame-thrower, and Daniel Patterson Plum abandoner; has joined forces with Tyler Florence. According to Signore Lucchesi, he's landed the enormous job of creative director for The Florence Group: something his imaginative soul will no doubt enjoy; and he's been made a partner at Rotisserie & Wine, which should open in November in Napa and is now officially an even bigger deal than it was before. Fox is, naturally, helping with the menu here and at the outpost slated for SFO next year. He's also now got his hands in Mill Valley neighborhood game changer, El Paseo and Wayfare Tavern. The moral of this story: thou shalt not waste time predicting the Fox's next move.

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[Photo: Jeremy Fox:Sunset, Ty-Flo/ONTD]

El Paseo Restaurant

17 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941 415 388 0741

Wayfare Tavern

558 Sacramento Street, , CA 94111 (415) 772-9060 Visit Website


2214 Broadway Street, Oakland, CA Visit Website

Rotisserie & Wine

Main St. and 3rd St., Napa, CA