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Traci Des Jardins Seen In Full Giants Regalia At Sunday's Win

Photo: SFist/Frankie Frankeny

At Sunday's San Francisco Giants NL West championship win, Public House/Mijita/Jardiniere chef owner and humaitarian Traci Des Jardins showed up to support the home team with her son, and they both went all out with the festive panda hats, no less. The above lies in this emotion-filled slideshow snapped by photog-about-town Frankie Frankeny for SFist. Clearly those hats aren't a disguise to avoid the foodie paparazzi, as here we see Des Jardins straight-up posing with her son. Way to represent from the chef front, Traci. [SFist]

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AT&T Park

24 Willie Mayes Plaza, San Francisco, CA