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More Eco-Friendly FiDi Lunching At Freshii

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Ready for a new fully compostable, energy efficient and customizable lunch option in the FiDi? Good. Because an outpost of Toronto-based franchise Freshii -- which already has locations in New York and Los Angeles -- shall open next Tuesday on Bush Street. They offer build-your-own burritos, wraps, brown rice bowls, soups, frozen yogurt and more, all wrapped up in biodegradable packaging, so you can sleep at night. Freshii even has this nifty menu on the web site that adds up the nutritional value of your order as you go and proves, sadly, that your suspicions were correct. And bacon really isn't good for all. But seriously, the eco sensibility here should vibe quite nicely in San Francsico and will finally provide a little healthy competition for those rapidly multiplying Mixt Greens, despite the laudry deterget-esque sounding Freshii moniker.

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230 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA