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Martini House Ends Its Nine-Year Run In St. Helena

After a rumor flew out this morning about the sale of Martini House in St. Helena, chef Todd Humphries and co-owners Pat Kuleto and Richard Miyashiro confirmed restaurateurs Paul Fleming and Brian Bennett have purchased the business. During its lustrous nine years in business -- including a Michelin star and lots of media praise -- Humphries admitted financial woes to Eater in 2009.

But that doesn't make saying goodbye to such a lovely Napa fixture any easier. Fleming, on the other hand, is well-known for co-founding the P.F. Chang chain of restaurants. He also owns Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and Paul Martin’s American Bistro outposts in Rosevale and El Segundo. What and when he'll reopen in the Martini House remains up in the air for now. The restaurant, as we know it, will close on October 30; so we'd suggest sinking into their special mushroom tasting menu while you can. As for Humphries and Miyashiro, they plan to regroup for a bit and then look into opening something new, "possibly in downtown Napa."

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Martini House

1245 Spring Street, St. Helena, CA