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Halloween Missed Connections: Bars To The Baking Aisle

There's nothing like Halloween disguises, another Giants win and a few weekend beverages to fuel some healthy banter with strangers and hey, maybe even a love connection or two. This past weekend, lovesick revelers took to Craigslist to seek out that special costumed someone they spotted from across the bar or supermarket, but weren't able to muster the courage to do something about it. Here now, our favorite missed connections from this somewhat rowdy weekend past.

HotProduce.jpgOVER IN AISLE SEVEN - Sexy, black cat at Safeway n Guerneville!! - m4w - 31 (russian river): It was around 6:45ish pm at Safeway and you were a mature cat dressed all in black and looked frisky, mmmm I took my time admiring you while u picked out chocolate chips and wanted to walk up and sniff ur butt...but Im a gentleman, lol saw u in the parking lot n a white SUV, would really love to lick u clean kitty! if u see this and recall whom I am, tell me what I was wearing and driving maybe...

DIVE-ALICIOUS -- AT A DIVE BAR IN SF, sitting down Sat. 10/30 Hi. We were both at a dive bar in SF on Saturday night. You are a man and I am a woman. ; )...The place would be Tempest...Were you writing a review? Perhaps you find inspiration in the noisy scene of the bar...I want to know...I have never been one to approach a guy, but for some reason I was transfixed and fascinated by your relaxed passivity as you sat there strolling the room with your eyes and writing in your notepad...You truly fascinated me in that moment on that noisy, costume-filled night...Please, if you see this, tell me a little about me or what you look like and confirm you know what bar we were both at, so that I can ensure you are the guy and not some creepy random person : )

ChocoDonutCostume.jpgYOU LOOKED DELICIOUS - chocolate donut at el rio - w4m - 25 (mission district)you were there saturday night. you were very handsome even as a donut. you were also completely unimpressed with my pool playing. maybe you could help me improve my game?

WANT A PIECE? Pizza on Irving? - m4w - 23 (sunset / parkside) What an idiot I am. I saw you standing there, we locked eyes and I sat down. You came and sat down to my right, and again looked at me. I decided to say nothing, I wasn't wearing the right costume. Lame excuse, but you had me beaten with all the subtleties like your cool 'Robin Hood' hat, and your Sais. I truly wasn't prepared! I feel like a fool. Let's fix this.

DoubleDutch.jpgDOUBLED OVER AT DOUBLE DUTCH - Double Dutch on Halloween (w/ no costume) - m4w - 25 (mission district) You were Sasha (I think?) with your girl who obviously had text baggage (ie boyfriend on the rocks) and were trying to have a good time. I was drunk white dude in coat with two guy friends who wanted to have a good time. You said you'd be back, I might not. We should hang out sometime. Hit me up! Matt

JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES - Avatar costume at the Buckshot - m4w - 34 (inner richmond)You were at the Buckshot and you looked phenomenal! You were dressed as an Avatar and you were stunning! I'm still thinking about you. I would love to buy you a drink! I have brown hair and unfortunately I wasn't dressed up but would love to meet!

Tree.jpgLETS GROW TOGETHER - I think you were a Tree for Halloween - m4w (los gatos) You came and danced close to me and then you were gone. Would be nice to get to know you.