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Four Seasons Tibet Gala, Foreign Cinema Hosts Tartine, More

FIDI - The Tibetan Aid Project's Taste & Tribute benefit gala will return to San Francisco next Friday, November 19th. This is the tenth annual edition of the event, wherein coordinating chef Laurent Manrique wrangles 23 of the Bay Area's best chefs to work in pairs, creating a unique dining experience for everyone involved. This year's lineup includes Liza Shaw of A16, James Syhabout of Commis, Bruno Chemel of Baume, Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake, Bruce Hill of Bix and Picco and, well, you get the picture. Here's the link to register. And our Hangover Observations from 2008, for an idea of what to expect. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION - Foreign Cinema has invited Tartine chef Chad Robertson in to host a special dinner next Thursday, November 18th. Robertson will offer a menu of dishes like bread pudding and nettle tritatine, inspired by his newly published cookbook Tartine Bread. Signed copies of Tartine Bread will also be available for sale. Contact the restaurant for reservations. [EaterWire]

CURRYWURST - Dirk Adolphs is singlehandedly responsible for bringing Bay Area Whole Foods their first version of authentic German-style cürrywurst King of Cürrywurst -- and a vegan version at that. One bit "but": it my be worth waiting until 2011 to try his creation when it shows up in a cart on Divisadero and Fell in 2011. [SFoodie]

THE INNER RICHMOND - Every Sunday in November, The Moss Room at the California Academy of Sciences is offering a four-course pasta tasting dinner. [Tablehopper]

WINE WIRE - San Francisco's premier wine farmer's market returns to Fort Mason Center at the end of the month. About 60 wineries will assemble for the event and you can find more information here. [Vinography]

[Photo: John Torigoe/CNN]

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