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Martin Yan Can Open A Restaurant In The Westfield Centre

We know globe-trotting Chinese chef Martin Yan can cook. Heck, he can even dance. And now today's Inside Scoop column reveals we shall see if Yan can operate a restaurant in San Francisco; he's just signed a lease at the Westfield San Francisco Centre where he plans to open Martin Yan's Noodle Revolution in late 2011. He tells Scoop, "San Francisco is well known for its Chinatown, but this will be a good addition to give people a glimpse into the tastes of China." That's his nice way of saying that Chinatown Chinese food is mostly bastardized and he's planning to serve the real regional deal or some version of what actual Chinese people eat in China. There will also be some theatrical dining elements, specifically chefs hand-pulling noodles -- so like the Martin Yan version of Benihana. Nice. [Chron]

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Martin Yan's Noodle Revolution

845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA