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Take A Slice Of Citizen Cake, Opening Saturday

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View from the entrance
View from the entrance

[Photo: Jennifer Yin]

After months and months of dessert consultancies and pop-up shops galore in anticipation of Citizen Cake's revival, Elizabeth Falkner is finally ready to release her Fillmore Street beauty for public consumption. As she said in an interview with Signore Lucchesi , not much about the new restaurant will mirror the now-defunct Hayes Valley original. Morning coffee and pastries, a neighborhood-friendly bill of fare with Mediterranean, Italian and French influences and novelty items like liquid nitrogen ice cream and afternoon arepas are all carefully orchestrated to give something exciting and buzz-worthy to Fillmore Street denizens. Remember Le Bernardin and Circa vet Amy Glaze is going to help make things happen for E-Falk in the kitchen. Lady Hopper proffers color on the menu here and now get thee to the gallery above for a first peek inside Citizen Cake part deux, opening Saturday.

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