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Hana Zen To The Embarcadero, All Spice in San Mateo

Instead of your usual EaterWire, today we sign off with two Bay Area restaurant openings. Do digest them at will, then get thee outside on this unusually glorious Fall Monday evening.

HanaEmbarc.jpg1) Embarcadero: Union Square's Hana Zen Sushi and Yakitori bar will host the grand opening party for its second outpost on Level 2 of Pier 39 tonight. The 4,555-square-foot, Bay-bordering restaurant includes a lounge, a sake tasting room and a full sushi bar. According to the press release, the interior is colored with "rich bamboo tones" and accents of olive green, orange and some Japanese murals. [EaterWire]

2) San Mateo: According to Signore Lucchesi, Sachin Chopra has opened his modern Indian restaurant, All Spice. And did you know Chopra cooked on the line at Daniel in NYC back in the day? Now he's dishing out things like the "Ode to my Wife:" a not-so-Indian combo of roasted beets, frisee, fresh dill and goat cheese ice cream. Seriously though, the homemade, spice-infused ice creams he'll make here sound worthy of the trip in-and-of-themselves. [ISSF]

Pier 39, San Francisco, CA