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The Feast Gets Off The Ground In San Francisco

Today we welcome the San Francisco edition of NBC's new restaurant-centric website, The Feast, to this internet party we've got going on. The San Francisco launch coincides with the non-beta introduction of The Feast's four other city-specific editions in New York (beta launched in February), Miami, Chicago and LA. Look out for one of The Feast's more notable aspects: something called The Feast Rank, including popular opinion and professional reviews in a weighted ranking system for restaurants.

So in this Nopa ranking, for example, Josh Sens' San Francisco magazine review and all 160 user-generated reviews on record figure into the The Feast ranking of 95. Top editor Ben Leventhal, who also co-founded a little site you may have heard of called Eater (har), explains it's "about finding interesting outside voices and elevating them." As of today there are still a few glitches in the system -- Citizen Cake's closed Grove Street location has a "near epic" ranking of 83 -- but we reckon it will be a nice tool to help you decide where to eat. SFoodie and Eater SF contributor Tamara Palmer will oversee the site's daily editorial content as the San Francisco food editor. [EaterWire]