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Tipsy Pig Guys' Burger Restaurant Location, Revealed

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You may have heard the great minds that brought you Tipsy Pig, Blue Barn, Umami and Mamacita are planning something burger-focused. Although they've remained mum on most things, several tipsters confirmed with us this morning they're moving in on the shuttered Metrosport location at 2198 Filbert at Fillmore. In earlier correspondence, future owner Nate Valentine said he and partners Sam Josi and Stryker Scales have eaten their way through all the LA and NY hot burger spots as they work towards finalizing the menu.

"We wont be a strictly a burger place, more burger-esque in nature with salads, other sandwiches etc. [sic]" wrote Valentine in an earlier email. Now we just have to wait out the arduous process of switching the license over from retail to food service. But these 415 guys are pros by now, so they'll get it done. [EaterWire]

Burgers are in the sights of the Tipsy Pig and Mamacita guys

Vintage 415 unnamed burger restaurant

2198 Filbert Street, san Francisco, CA