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Kasa Indian Eatery Now For Sale In the Marina

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Parterns Tim Volkena and Suresh and Anamika Khanna have put the Marina location of Kasa Indian Eatery up for sale. The quick-service Indian kati roll business has been straight killing it in the Castro since they opened there in 2008, but -- perhaps not surprisingly -- hasn't picked up as much speed across town. The real estate flyer details a 2,350-square-footer with Type 41 license, situated on a prime block, right next to the infamous "triangle," scores of profitable restaurants (Pizza Orgasmica, East Side West, Balboa Cafe) and hot newcomers like Atelier Crenn. Asking price here is $299K and the team plans to stay in business until they feel confident about their replacement. Eater note: something more main-stream and bar-focused is more of a sure bet with the Marina set. Kasa fans should know they're still 100% moving forward with a kati roll food truck, which should hit the streets in a TBD location next spring. [EaterWire]

Kasa Indian Eatery

3115 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA