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San Francisco Supes Ban McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

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The San Francisco Board of Supervisors was at it again today, banning toys in McDonald's Happy Meals that contain over 600 calories and more than 35% of calories from fat. Sorry kids, this encompasses most McD's Happy Meals offered these days. The measure makes San Francisco the first city to ban restaurants from offering a free toy with meals. The Supes, you see, are adamant about offsetting childhood obesity and the "billions" spent in associated medical costs. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom, the California Restaurant Association and McDonald's reps are obviously not in favor of this.

Supe Bevan Dufty -- whose vote today tipped the scales to a veto-proof majority, so even The Gav can't override it -- seems to feel the measure will set a precedent nationwide. "I do believe the industry is going to take note of this. I don't care how much they say, 'It's San Francisco, they're wacked out there,'" he says in an interview with the LA Times. In other semi-related news, the cult-followed McDonald's McRib was released nationwide today.

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