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Benu.jpgMr. Bauer ate at Benu and he liked it. He really, really liked it. He 3.5 stars liked it. In fact, that might be love. We're not surprised, as both Kauffman and Unterman greatly enjoyed Benu and it was a nominee in the 2010 Eater Awards for San Francisco's Restaurant of the Year. Money B says that chef-owner -- and eight year veteran of the French Laundry -- Corey Lee "offers an exciting and unique point of view" that more than justifies the cost (cha-ching!) and small(-ish) portions. He enthuses over how well the sommeliers nailed the wine pairings, as well. Take away: bring your adventurous appetite and your last pay check to Benu to indulge in a meal you won't soon forget. Benu-appetit! (Not quite sure if that worked?) [Chron]


22 Hawthorne Street, , CA 94105 (415) 685-4860 Visit Website


22 Hawthorne Lane, San Francisco, CA