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The Beckhams Dine at Morimoto Napa, Followed by Drake and Lil' Wayne

Okay, so. I've got some mad celebrity sightings for y'all. This past Sunday night, The Beckham's dined at Morimoto Napa with their two children. Apparently they were sat at around 7:30 p.m. and then Posh proceeded to eat two buckets of fried chicken and an entire turkey. One of those things is true. Any guesses? Hey, it looks like one of the kids (Cruz?) has his own iPhone! Naturally, we'll update this post with more information as it becomes available as it's of the utmost importance.

As if that weren't amazing enough, that very next night (as in last night), chef Jeremy Fox reports via twitter that Drake and (possibly) Lil' Wayne (!!!) were also at Morimoto Napa. Now, I'm not sure if Fox is being funny or not (chef humor! who knows!?) but even if he is, I don't care, just seeing Jeremy Fox tweet about Drake and Lil' Wayne made my night. Actually, I pray it's true because nothing pleases me quite as much as imagining the Drake and Wheezy sitting down to an enormous dinner with wine pairings while talking about "changing the game" and wiping their mouths with hundred dollar bills. Living the dream. [EaterWire]

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David Beckham and crew at Morimoto Napa [Photo: Twitter/jwang815]

Morimoto Napa

601 Main Street, Napa, CA