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New Gastro-Lounge, ShackMobiles, BK Firings, LEMURS!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We'll be back with plenty of juicy, juicy restaurant news on Monday.
lemur.jpgANGRIES UPDATE - You might remember our reporting on the Sac-Town Burger King that served a Whopper with a heaping side of EFF YOU MOTHER EFFER? Well, in a sad(der?) turn of events, the employee and her manager have been fired. Turns out, the Burger King, he don't play. [Consumerist]

THE PENINSULA - Inside Scoop let's us in on Old Port Lobster Shack's plans for two new locations, one in Portola Valley and another in Cupertino. Plus, there gonna have a ShackMobile! What a great name for a food truck/car/house. It just works. They plan to open in Portola Valley opens in January, Cupertino in March, and the ShackMobile should be up and running as soon as it's finished driving here from Florida. [ISSF]

LEMURS! - Chef Robert Ulucan describes what he'll be feeding to the lemurs at The San Francisco Zoo for Thanksgiving. Honestly, it sounds like their meal will be vastly superior to my own. That's fine by me, look at those adorable little dudes, they deserve it! I still can't stand terrible zoos but those lemurs are ridiculously cute and awesome. Happy Thanksgiving, little ones! [SF Examiner]

CIVIC CENTER - GrubStreet breaks the news that a Gastro-Lounge will open in former Bambuddha Lounge space inside the Phoenix Hotel. The new owners, Sean and Isabel Manchester, plan to make it ultra-stylish and on The Cutting Edge (love that movie!), gathering influences from music, fashion and design. Okay! [GrubStreet]

MICHELIN WIRE - Turns out, fancy and inexpensive restaurants are pretty damn clean, too. Mission Local gives us the health inspection scores on San Francisco Michelin rated restaurants and it's not all that surprising. Take away: when you got money it's easy to be high class. [Mission Local]

Baby Lemur, I love You [Photo: National Geographic]