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Ike's Place Applies for Permit Down Street from Old Location

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We've been following the dramarama with Ike's Place for quite some time. First, he was kicked out. Then, PSYCH! He was back in. Then, he was out for really real. Then, he's selling sandwiches out of Lime! And NOW, it looks as if he's applied for a permit at 3489 16th Street (formerly Joseph Schmidt Confections), less than a block away from his old location. I honestly cannot wait to see the craziness go down on this one. Oh wait, I mean I can wait. Anyway, we'll hustle a bustle to get updates on this scoop -- along with the rest of The Known Universe (aka, San Francisco blogs) -- and report back immediately on our findings. It's a helluva ride, folks.

The thing is, Ike makes the best damn sandwiches. You know how people have nightmares about the things they did for a Klondike Bar? Well, that's me with his Vegan Pilgrim Sandwich. It's like Thanksgiving every day! But better because no familial obligations!

Update 1: Ike informs us that it's true he applied for a permit for 3489 16th Street. He has a date with the San Francisco Planning Department on December 16th and whether or not he moves into the space will be based on a decision from the city. If approved, he'd move in by January 2nd, 2011. Ike's very hopeful he can continue to rock out the tasty sandwiches in the neighborhood that made him a hometown hero. The "rock out" bit are my words, not his. Please know, I was as embarrassed typing it as you are reading it. What can I say? I'm possessed by holiday enthusiasm and the prospect of more delicious sandwiches.

Update 2: Ike just let us know that the 3489 16th Street space is actually 3,000 square feet, roughly 7-times the size of the Original Ike's Place. I am hoping this means the sandwiches can be 7-times the size, as well. Actually, I think that would make them as big as most San Francisco apartments so maybe not. [EaterWire]

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Ike's Place

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