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Brian Wilson and Edgar Renteria Seen At SF Restaurants

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Signore Lucchesi has this mugshot of Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson sidled up to the bar last night at Delarosa. According to GM Alvin Garcia, Wilson sat with teammate Pat Burrell for about an hour and a half, soaking up the attention and some beers. Burrell, apparently, is a regular.

Meanwhile over on the Embarcadero, World Series MVP Edgar Renteria celebrated at Waterbar with five of his buddies.

The party came in just after 9:30 and ordered the Ahi sashimi, local yellowtail ceviche, pan-roasted California white bass, a well-done grilled ribeye and some other things. They drank aged rum throughout dinner and even signed the cocktail menu, which includes a Giants cocktail called "The Torture." [EaterWire]

And now, a photo of Brian Wilson and The Beard at Delarosa [ISSF]


2175 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA