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Boca Pizzeria Gets "Solid" 2.5 Stars; Another Monkey Is Sturdy as a Bar Stool; Hand-Pulled Noodles Seduce The Kauff, MORE

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The Chron files a review of Novato's roughly four-month old Boca Pizzeria. The answer from Shah Bahreyni and Sam Ramadan to the cry for Neapolitan pizza offers "10 pizza combinations ($12.95-$14.95) [that] are honest renditions," but the rest of the menu deserves attention as well. Here "portions are ample" and "the space soars with airy elegance" to create "a solid addition to a neighborhood that has a dearth of notable restaurants" worthy of a 2.5 star rating across-the-board. [Chron]

Reidinger likes newish Mission Thai restaurant Another Monkey, even though the name makes him think of George Bush. "The restaurant's high-style interior is intact, while the food is electrifying." Despite "visible fat" -- he's fine with that -- and the threat of richness in a few dishes, Reidinger finds "Aom Phanthong's menu is, like a bar stool (!), sturdily balanced on three legs: familiar standards, innovative dishes, and items for hard-core (or, in menu-speak, "experienced") connoisseurs of Thai cuisine." [SFBG]

The Kauff heard San Dong Noodle has hand-pulled noodles, so he heads to the Inner Richmond to enjoy "noodle-making as dinner theater" with some friends. He finds things to avoid on the menu ("Order from the page of barbecued skewers ($1.96 to 3.95) at your own peril") and isn't impressed by much overall. Lamb dumplings earn a "magnificent," but really the noodles are where it's at. The Kauff's favorites? A version with bean sauce, ground pork, and julienned cucumbers and "satiny" beef with beef tendon noodles. [SF Weekly]

Metro SV finds the epitome of Silicon Valley dining at Sunnyvale's Kyora Japanese Restaurant, the Marin IJ visits cult-followed Tiny China Express in the Nave Shopping Center, the EBX thinks you should take note of Lot 68 adjacent to Shattuck Cinemas, CoCo Times gets to review Wayfare Tavern , then Miriam Morgan has a Bargain Bite at Jack's Prime in San Mateo and finally Bar Bites has a fine time of it at Encuentro in Oakland.

Wayfare Tavern

558 Sacramento Street, , CA 94111 (415) 772-9060 Visit Website

Boca Pizzeria

454 Ignacio Boulevard Novato, CA