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Supes Seem To Like Street Food; Now Easier To Start Up in SF

Last minute refinements are being made to the unanimously approved streamlined mobile food vending rules Supervisor Bevan Dufty proposed in San Francisco. On Friday, the size requirements for permits were increased from 225 square feet to 300. And then yesterday pushcart vendors' sidewalk clearance was reduced from 10 feet to eight. But overall, things will be easier and cheaper for street food hawkers around Nov. 23 when the new ordinance gos into effect.

For example, in this interview with SFoodie, street food guru Matt Cohen said one of the biggest achievements here is the new openness to vendors in mixed commercial and residential areas like The Richmond and The Sunset, which were previously off limits. So now whoever takes the meatball truck idea is truly poised for success.

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Spencer on the Go Food Truck. [Photo: BattleOfCali]