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Sweet Hearts Sabor's Latin American Heat (and Churros!); Unterman Finds Pizza Perfection at Una Pizza Napoletana

Carey Sweet falls head over heels for Sabor, the new 44-seat restaurant from Ariel Ceja of Ceja Vineyards. The food has Latin American roots, showcasing fiery flavors in everything from tacos and tostadas to pupusas and chile rellenos, and Sweet loves it all. Oh, and if you know the secret word, you get a free order of sweet potato fries. That's the kinda shit that just makes a place magical, ya know? Of the prices she says, "in a fancier restaurant, customers would feel privileged to pay twice as much for these thoughtful, consistently delicious spins on Latin American street food." Deal! Later in the evening the space morphs into a bumping nightclub and parties until 2 a.m. Caliente! [Chron]

Unterman visits Una Pizza Napoletana and falls under its spell, just as Kauffmandid. She tells of her first experience with good pizza, 10 years ago at L’Antica Pizzzeria Da Michele in Naples. That pizza set a new bar - and set it high - but Una Pizza Napoletana rises to meet it. She says UPN (ha!) is "an austere temple to pizza" and calls owner/chef Anthony Mangieri a "pizza-making priest", claiming his margherita is "perfect". Like Kauffman, she notes the long wait, but says the pizza's so good that the minute she left, she was already plotting her return. [Examiner]

Sabor [Photo: John Storey / Chron]

Una Pizza Napoletana

210 11th Street, , CA 94103 (415) 861-3444 Visit Website


1126 First Street Napa, CA