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New Bay Area Brewery; SoMa Cafes; Holiday Cookies; More!

BERKELEY - Digs Bistro in Berkeley is shutting its doors after 3 years. Digs Bistro went from underground to legit three years ago but after a range of issues, they're closing their doors after a final meal on New Year's Eve. Bummer. [ISSF]

PITTSBURG - There's a new brewery in town, it's called Heretic and it sounds totally awesome. Let's tap a keg and call it a Monday! [7x7]

FAST FOOD FINALISTS - Three San Francisco residents teamed up to reinvent fast food in a competition sponsored by Yoxi, a new interactive online competition and social game. Awesomely, they're finalists with a pad thai entry. Voting goes through Monday so help a home team out? [Chron]

GET FAT - Do you read Goodies by Anna over at SF Appeal? Anna makes the most ridiculously delicious sweet treats I've ever seen. This week's Peppermint Crunch Chocolate Cookies are especially enticing. Someone veganize these beauties for me and I'll have a baby for you. Or not have a baby for you. You know, overpopulation and all. [SF Appeal]

SOMA - M Cafe recently opened in SoMa and it's just what the folks who live South of Market need. They're serving up coffee drinks, bagels, spreads, sandwiches, paninis, wraps, and more. [GrubStreet]