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No Name Sushi's Building Has a New (No Name) Sign

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Dude, is No Name Sushi coming back!? The blogosphere went into a tizzy when it closed its doors over two years ago -- presumably because the building was not up to code -- but it appears a new sign (WITH NO NAME! V. Mysterious!) has surfaced on their old Church Street building. Crazytown! I wonder if Yokoso -- No Name's formal name -- will open its loving arms to us once again? Or is something new finally going in? We'll keep you posted with any updates on this Very Exciting News. [EaterWire]

· The Shutter: No Name Sushi [~ESF~]

New Sign at Old No Name Spot [Photo: Flickr/MrEricSir]

No Name Sushi

314 Church Street San Francisco, CA