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bourbonsteaksm.jpgThe Bauerhaus (I don't know) starts his review of Michael Mina's new Bourbon Steak with some Real Talk: "Confession time: I've grown to resent the Bay Area proliferation of upscale steak houses." But, as he soon finds out, Bourbon takes the "steak house to a new level". He applauds their culinary creativity, as well as the "well trained and smoothly efficient" staff, dressed in "New Age black vests". I'll give someone five bucks to explain exactly what a New Age black vest is. Like, something for yoga? Anyhoo, he gives it three stars overall after being stuffed silly on untraditional steakhouse fare. [Chron]

Bourbon Steak

335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 415 397 3003

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