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House of Shields Reopening Soon, Maybe Even Tonight

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The House of Shields revamp Canteen/Golden West/The Sentinel golden boy Dennis Leary has been plotting may be unveiled to the public as soon as tonight, however, the occupancy will be extremely limited. Leary tells us he's working through some things with the fire department so exact timing of the opening to the public is still up in the air. Meanwhile Signore Lucchesi has information on the no-frills-yet-high-quality cocktail program and what precisely was done to the vintage decor.

For the record, Eater readers who have peeped the interior are writing that it "looks amazing." As one would gather from the papered window sign above, SoMa is hurting for its H.O.S. fix since the storied bar enrolled in Plywood camp a few months back. So the opening, when it does happen, will be received warmly. More on this as we learn it. [UPDATE: Dennis Leary writes in with news that the formal opening date to the public will occur this Thursday (12/16) at 4 p.m. Faithfuls can mark their pen.]

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House of Shields

39 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

House of Shields

39 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA