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Shopping with Thomas Keller; Hooters, A Family Affair, More!

HOOTERS - California NOW (National Organization of Women) is filing complaints today against local Hooters Restaurants for violating laws pertaining to sexual entertainment and minors. NOW says Hooters has billed itself primarily as a provider of "vicarious sexual entertainment" in the past, yet it continues to offer children's menus and shwag geared at young ones, like “Future Hooters Girl” t-shirts in child sizes. So now that you've figured out what to get little cousin Judy for Christmas, head over to SFist for more on this breaking rant. [SFist]

KELLERVERSE - Eater National went through great pains to accompany Thomas Keller during his recent troll of a San Sebastián market in prep for Gastronomika 2010. We're all proud and holier-than-though knowing what question he asked most: "'Where is it from?' It was like a refrain or a joke or a catchphrase, but it was clearly what was most important to the chef." Read the full account here. [-EN-]

FOOD TRUCKIN' - The Diamond Lil bustaurant to whom we introduced you in August, will be making two appearances this weekend. Tomorrow from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. they'll park outside new wine retain concept Spencer and Daniel's (next to Swan Oyster Depot on Polk Street) to serve mushroom cappuccino, pork sliders and wasabi cheesecake free of charge and then Saturday they'll roll up to the Public bike warehouse holiday party. [EaterWire]


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