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Newsom Declares Yigit Pura Day, Yigit Madness Ensues

Since Yigit Pura won Top Chef: Just Desserts, his name keeps hitting our inbox like a lovely refrain over here at Eater HQ. Not only did he receive the rare honor of judging the San Francisco Supervisors Holiday Treat Throwdown and all manner of splashy post-win media coverage, but Gavin Newsom has gone ahead and given the 29-year-old pastry chef of Taste Catering his very own day in San Francisco. Our favorite paragraph from The Gav's proclamation:

WHEREAS for the show's final challenge, Yigit created a progressive four-course tasting menu with an exotic "dance through your palate" theme that included cucumber-lime sorbet with Straus yogurt caviar pearls, strawberry sorbet and lemongrass-ginger ice cream with berry meringue and consommee, muscovado-braised pineapple and coconut cake served with coconut-lime soup with tapioca pearls and hazelnut dacquoise, milk jam and salted caramel ice cream; I Gavin Newsom hearby proclaim November 17th, 2010 as Yigit Pura Day.

So now Yigit can also be credited with being first to get the words "milk jam" into an official government document. And this just in. Yigit will be doing a live, free healthy holiday desserts demo at Macy's Cellar in Union Square this Saturday at 2 p.m. Tap into the madness. More info here.

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[Photo: San Francisco Sentinel]

Macy's Cellar

170 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA