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First Peek Rotisserie & Wine, A Bay Area Christmas Eve, More!

NAPA - Jeremy Fox and Tyler Florence have been mysteriously mum on new project Rotisserie & Wine, which is housed under the same roof as the third outpost of The Tyler Florence Shop. It opened last night to a host of Napa industry pros. So. As we await interior shots from our Wine Country camera-wielding elves, we were interested to see The Chron's First Look report on the menu, showing British (Yorkshire pudding), Southern (cooked peanuts, fowl with waffles) and French influences. Also, in a Christmas miracle-like stunt, Jeremy Fox managed to get his Christmas tree during opening week. Just like Santa, he's everywhere! Phone lines are open for your early reports, especially with regards to the churro-shaped cornbread. [ISSF, EaterWire]

JACKSON SQUARE - Meanwhile, Sara Deseran of 7x7 files a similar report of Cotogna and declares it good enough that she'd like to eat there every night. Read about her particular favorites here. [7x7]

CHRISTMAS EVE - Mirroring yesterday's weird tequila bar in the Mission coincidence, today two hot spots decide to tell us about their Christmas Eve plans. Manresa, for one, will offer a special five-course fixed price dinner and A16 is doing a four- ($75) or five-course ($90) feast of the seven fishes dinner. If you want wine pairings with that, it's going to cost you extra, but the menu has all sorts of choices with things like crab sformato, calamari pizzetta and a whole salt-baked dorade with braised kale. We suggest calling both restaurants on the early side, if interested. [Manresa, EaterWire]

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Rotisserie & Wine

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