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Lineup To Return To Shuttered Overtime Space in SoMa

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Since Overtime Spors Bar & Grill shuttered back in August, building owner Leticia Luna -- who also owns Leticia's Mexican restaurant on Market street -- has decided to resurrect the Lineup, a business she operated here from 1979 to 2005. Although much will be different this time around. Half of the menu will consist of Mexican favorites a la Leticia's and the former Lineup. The other half will be American, with sandwiches, hot links, hot dogs, burgers and such. A major cosmetic overhaul will reveal a "modern" interior, heavy on the booths, with burgundy and lime as the color way.

Leticia is also going for quite the bar scene this time around. She's sprucing up the existing, huge, 20-seat, 100-year-old mahogany bar to serve as the vortex for a lively cocktail program with a late night happy hour on the weekends starting at 10 p.m. and a menu of "very affordably priced" tapas served late. "It's going to be very different from our other restaurants," says Luna, who also plans to theme out nights according to various music genres: salsa, oldies, reggae, etc. "We're 85% done," she adds. So the joint might even be up and running by the last week of January. We'll keep you posted.

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398 7th Street, San Francisco, CA