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Black Jet Bakery Pop-Up, Bistro SF Grill Open, More!

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NOPA - Black Jet Bakery Pie and Pop Tart Holiday Pop-up Shop will show up at 1798 McAllister (at Baker) tomorrow from noon to 5 p.m. There's talk of chocolate pecan pies, boozy apricot crumb pie, pie in a jar, gingerbread, holiday cookie boxes, jalapeno jam cream cheese pop tarts, jarred caramel, hot fudge and much much more. Apparently pies at their Thanksgiving pop-up sold out in three hours, so it behooves you to get there early! [EaterWire]

OPENING REPORT - UrbanDaddy broke the newest burger spot in town, Pac Heights' Bistro SF Grill. Patties focus on wild game and locally sourced meat: merguez lamb, boar, venison, ostrich and other such outside-the-box meats are on the menu. The decor alone: "random medieval castle wall mixed with...vintage stools from 1929," sounds kinda nutty/worth checking out. [UrbanDaddy]

MARINA - SusieCakes is offering the following New Year's Eve specials through December 31st: Vanilla cupcakes baked with sparkling rosé champagne, "morning-after" mimosa cupcakes and sugar cookies in the shapes of champagne bottles and flutes. [EaterWire]

NOPA EXTRA - Ragazza is doing a fundraiser on January 24th for an employee who was the recent victim of a violent crime. All proceeds from dinner that night will go towards helping her with medical bills, moving expenses and replacement of stolen property. They will be auctioning off restaurant gift certificates, art, private dinners with chefs from the likes of Nopa, Flour + Water, Delfina and Frances between Jan 20th and 30th on eBay. You can find more info on the website.

CUPCAKE WARS SF's Mission Minis competed in last night's episode of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. Owner Brandon Arnovick came up with a riff on carrot cake for the first challenge and then the something with purple frosting he made for the second challenge got him kicked off. If you want more than that, SFoodie has the full rundown here. [SFoodie]

Black Jet Bakery Pie and Pop Tart Holiday Pop Up Shop

1798 McAllister STreet, San Francisco, CA