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Tonic/Bullitt Guys Plan Big Triple Crown Revamp For 2011

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Photo: SF Weekly

A few months ago, word got out that Tonic/Bullitt owners Duncan Ley and Ben Bleiman are taking over Triple Crown at the intersection of Market and Octavia Streets. It should also be noted they're partnering with Paul Miller, the great mind behind gay bar mecca Truck in the Mission, on the venture. Miller's expertise will help create a Triple Crown 2.0 that caters more to the gay community, among other things. Ley tells Eater they're going to add an inexpensive menu from Sneaky's, the "Bay Area's premier underground BBQ." So folks can dig into ribs, burgers and such with their happy hour specials. The team also secured an entertainment license last week, allowing them to stay open until 4 a.m. and hopefully become one of the premier, "fun, exciting" late-night dancing destinations in The City.

To that end, a major interior spruce up is on tap: with warmer colors, better lighting, maybe a stripper pole here or there, to "make things more comfortable and inviting." The bar program will operate much like that at Tonic and Bullitt, with a specialty cocktail list and Fernet, vodka and possibly Maker's Mark on tap. "We're not fans of the bartender's guild" adds Ley. "We don't like to make people wait for drinks." So you can expect to get those cocktails, and get them FAST when the big revamp is completed. If all goes as planned, the rebrand and TBD name should be in place by late February/early March of next year. [EaterWire]

· Tonic/Bullitt guys in the process of taking over Triple Crown [ISSF]

Sneaky's BBQ

1760 Market Street, San Francisco, CA Visit Website

Triple Crown, new name TBD

1760 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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