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Corey Lee Serves Cod Semen To Jet Set at Benu

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Something truly alarming recently came across our radar: Corey Lee serves cod semen at Benu. In this recent post to the San Francisco Chronicle's Culture blog, Beth Spotswood details a party thrown by "fine experience curator" Gilt City at Benu wherein shot glasses of cod semen were among passed appetizers. But that's not even the worst part. To add insult to injury by fish ejaculate, the servers weren't really telling anyone what they were eating. Now here's what transpired when Spotswood asked what was in the suspicious-seeming little glasses:

The server responded with something clever and ambiguous, revealing nary an ingredient.
"Is there seafood in it?" I begged. I do not eat seafood.

"Well, kind of." She said. "There's cod semen."

"I'm sorry. One more time."

"Cod semen." She smiled. "I know. But it's like, a thing. It's the male version of caviar."

Now we'll leave it to SFGate for the fully fleshed out reveal on this "party with people who think nothing of sipping cod semen and wearing diamonds and being photographed for magazines." Thankfully, "food not involving the orgasm of an animal" was served at the event. In all fairness, according to this 2006 article in the New York Magazine, cod sperm is a delicacy in Japan. Call us uncivilized. We'll pass.

· Sipping Cod Semen At Benu [SFGate]
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SFist's Brock Keeling gives cod semen a shot. [Photo: Culture Blog]


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