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Napa Ranch Dead in FiDi, Tango Gelato Ends Fillmore Dance

FIDI- The Napa Ranch location in the FiDi has officially closed for business. According to the letter on the window, the quick service lunch spot has been open since 1994. The owners also had Jackson Park Cafe, Laurel Village Cafe, Battery Row Cafe, State Street Cafe and Napa Ranch locations at 1001 Sansome Street, the PG & E headquarters and 201 Spear Street. All of these locations have shuttered in years past as the long-term leases have expired. And now this Napa Ranch here is the last to go. Pay your respects at will. [EaterWire]

FILLMORE - Meanwhile over in Pac Heights, Tango Gelato had its last dance yesterday. Inside Scoop SF has more on its rise and subsequent fall here. [ISSF]

Napa Ranch

465 California St, San Francisco, CA

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