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Hillstone to Open R + D Kitchen At Napa Valley Grille Site

R + D Kitchen Yountville, rendered.
R + D Kitchen Yountville, rendered.
Photo: Napa Valley Address

Another chapter has just unfolded in the Napa Valley Grille story up in Yountville. When we last reported on this, the Hillstone née Houston's restaurant group was moving in on the space with a liquor license app. And now it appears that the Town of Yountville has approved their opening an outpost of R + D Kitchen at 6795 Washington St. Take note R + D bills itself as "classic American" and already has outposts in Newport Beach, Dallas and Santa Monica.

The new restaurant will have 137 seats and will offer a menu that includes sushi, sandwiches, salads, seven dinner entrees and sides. While the idea of a chain coming to Yountville probably doesn't sit wonderfully for a lot of people, keep in mind Hillstone's other Wine Country venture, Rutherford Grill, has been very well received. But they've also been pretty good about keeping the corporate association under the radar until recently. As of now, R + D is calling a spring 2011 opening.

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R + D Kitchen

6795 Washington St., Yountville, CA