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Vinyl Opens on Divis, Westfield To Get 3 X the Food, More!

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LOWER HAIGHT - Madame Hopper has brought on some exciting news about the Cafe Divis space: Mark Bright (Saison), Kris Esqueda (Markris Wine) and Nabiel Musleh (Martel & Nabiel) are going to open a new thang called Vinyl. It's going to be a wine bar, featuring mostly domestic grapes and a limited menu of comfort food until they find some great leadership for the kitchen. There's also a communal table made out of a San Francisco highway exit sign and a neat record player program in the works. More here. [Tablehopper]

DOWNTOWN - The formative plans for a new Target location in the Metreon redevelopment project were approved on Tuesday by The Gav. Along with this comes the tripling in size of the Westfield food court and although Tavern on the Green won't be arriving, this means that many new food tenants have signed up to join the fray. [Chron]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Liza Hinman of Taverna Santi in Santa Rosa will be leaving after a big New Year's Eve last hurrah at the restaurant. Her former sous chef Doug Richey will take the reins thenceforward in the kitchen. [ISSF]

Cafe Divis now. [Photo: Yelp/Leena M.]


359 Divisadero Street