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Rotisserie & Wine Opening Night Reports, Chef Shuffles, More!

CHEF SHUFFLES - As the world turns, so are the chefs of San Francisco. Mark Gordon has been hired at Rose Pistola to help with a planned 2011 re-do. And Circa can expect to see a bit more Asian flava once new chef Daniel Sudar's changes take hold. [ISSF]

FIRST WORD - According to several Eater tipsters the early frontrunners at Rotisserie & Wine, opened last night in Napa, are -- non-shocker -- the rotisserie chicken and the rotisserie potatoes that roast in its juices below. People are also talking about the house-made syrups that can be added to soda or sparkling wine and the friendly staff outfitted in Levi's. Desserts are a high point right now, including "bacon flavored shortbread paired beautifully with a panna cotta and 25 yr. aged balsamic and?THE BEST ever molasses cookies = chewy goodness." Other things are currently experiencing balance difficulties, so we'll focus on the good for now. The restaurant is under a day old, after all. [EaterWire]

NORTH BEACH - Frascati owner Jon Radar didn't reveal much when we asked him about the news that he's headed to take on the Iluna Basque space in North Beach. But Lady T-Hop is onto the liquor license switcheroo that just ensued. The new name may very well be Campaluna Kitchen & Bar. Nice ring to that. [Chron, EaterWire, Tablehopper]

LAUNCHES & RELEASES - GrubStreet turns us onto a new local blog that's all about ice cream. It's called Iceberg and it's still in the early stages as there are only a handful of spots on there. [GrubStreet]

[Photo: CCS Architecture]

Rose Pistola

532 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA

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