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Change Afoot With Stock and Bones Powerhouse AKA the Town Hall-Salt House-Anchor & Hope Restaurant Group

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In October, we filled you in on Town Hall executive chef Eric Markoff's move over to Anchor & Hope to take over for Peter Janiak. But that was really just skimming the surface of the changes afoot with the Stock and Bones Culinary Group run by Doug Washigton and the Rosenthal brothers. A major GM shuffle has gone down over there as well.

Lets start with Bjorn Kock, who's held down the GM slot at Town Hall for five years, and currently has plans to leave the company. He's filling in for wine and beverage director Nicole Burke while she's on maternity leave and will move back to Europe when she's back in action. Meanwhile former Salt House GM Andrew Upton has taken the Town Hall GM spot; former Anchor & Hope GM Jonathan Farr has shifted to Salt House and his last assistant manager Jessica Eisenberg has stepped up to the plate for the team. (And yes, there will be a quiz on all of this at the end of the day.) Thankfully, as far as menus go, not much has changed. Chef Markoff, who is still newish to Anchor & Hope, won't instill any major additions to the menu until June of next year. But we're most interested to learn that Stock and Bones is definitely planning further expansion here in San Francisco. As Eisenberg puts it, "they believe in growth." So watch out. Some shiny new ideas are coming next year. [EaterWire]

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Anchor & Hope. [Photo: BunRab]

Anchor & Hope

83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA

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