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Iluna Basque Bids Adieu This Weekend

Last chance to eat at Iluna Basque is this weekend as chef-owner Mattin Nobila will close his North Beach baby after nearly seven years in business on Sunday. Now if Nobila is anything, he's a competitor. During his appearance on Season 6 of Top Chef he made waves with his signature red neck scarf. Then he moved on to compete in the perennially fierce Eater Hottest Chef competition. So there's no doubt he'll viciously attack his next project: a health and wellness center nearby. As for the Frascati folks who are indeed moving into the space with a new concept, we don't know much other than the name: Campaluna. Eater operatives are currently investigating further.

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Iluna Basque in North Beach [Photo: ISSF]

Iluna Basque

701 Union Street, San Francisco, CA

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