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Drunk Home Alone, High Burritos, Ike's Updates, MORE

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THE MISSION - Uptown Almanac hips us to the raddest event we've seen in awhile, The Roxie is screening Home Alone while serving you ice cream AND getting you drunk. I know you just put your hands on your cheeks and started screaming because this sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's NOT; it's a Christmas Miracle! [The Roxie] [UA]

DEALFEED - 7x7 has a list of 5 Places to Drink For Cheap (or Free) This Week. The good news, it keeps coming! I know, I'm basically Santa Claus. Only sexier. And fatter. And less of a dude. And real. [7x7]

IKE'S DRAMA RAMA - Ike Shehadeh of Ike's Place has a meeting with the planning department on December 16th at 10:30 a.m. to determine whether or not he'll be able to move into the new spot on 16th Street. Ike is hoping his fans can help by showing up or writing letters of support. I'll be there because Ike has generously donated to various charities I support throughout the years and also, maybe there will be free sandwiches?!? Okay, I just got really excited. [Vegansaurus!]

TWIN PEAKS - The in-shape folks at Mission Mission climbed to the top of Twin Peaks to enjoy a veggie burrito at Taqueria Miraloma. EL VEGGIE burrito is basically the normal stuff plus steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Kinda sounds like El Metate's veggie burrito, which is basically just a delicious stir-fry wrapped in tortilla. Anyway, MM claims it rivals a Papalote burrito and to that I say: I'll be the judge! Tonight! See y'all later! [Mission Mission]

Ike's Place

3489 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 415 553 6888

The Roxie

3117 16th Street San Francisco, CA

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