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Wine Barrel Bar, Carny Cuisine, Sunset Sandwiches, More!

FIDI - Barrique, a new bar where you order glasses of wine right out of a barrel (dope! Totally gonna break in and swim in one! Or at least wear it as a dress.), is set to open as early as next week. At only 49-seats, it's tiny, so expect to get there early to enjoy a bath in a barrel of Beaujolais nouveau. [ISSF]

HAYES VALLEY - Straw, a carnival themed (!?) restaurant opening in the old J's Pot of Soul space, is asking patrons to guess their opening date. The guessing game will be the first of many, as patrons will have plenty of opportunities to leverage their game playing skills for free food and other prizes. I don't know, this place sounds like it'll be the Bjork's Swan Dress of restaurants. I mean, it's different and that's cool and also, WHAT? [SFoodie]

OAKLAND - Tablehopper has the scoop on Enoteca Molinari, a soon-to-be wine bar in Oakland's Rockridge district. The wine list is exclusively Italiano (

INNER SUNSET - There's a new sandwich shop? cafe? restaurant? something! coming to the inner sunset. Good, that neighborhood needs more deliciousness! It's called Wooly Pig and the logo is a very cute pig so I'm really hoping they don't serve pork because I can't get behind suicide food. [SFoodie]

BERNAL HEIGHTS - The Royal Cuckoo has moved into the old Belinda's Bar space and according to GrubStreet, looks ready to open as a new bar that will most likely be more "Streetlight People" than "Yo Se Que Lo Peor". [GrubStreet]


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