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SF Food Exhibit, Sandwich Truck, Cilantro Recall, MORE!

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SF EATS - "San Francisco Eats", a free exhibition opening Saturday at the San Francisco Main Library, explores food culture in San Francisco from the beginning. You'll browse old-timey restaurant menus, photographs, and other fun knickknacks. Naturally, it all goes back to the gold rush: unencumbered men and loose women. Gotta love it! [Chron]

OAKLAND - A new sandwich truck hits the streets of Oakland next week. Cibo Per Strada is a one woman sandwich making army and we expect great things from her. Even though she's debuting in the East Bay, we can expect to see expanded operations in San Francisco next year. Now, for requests, can I please have a fancied up PB&J? Like, with hazelnut butter and apricot jam? And maybe a chocolate drizzle? Eh? [GrubStreet]

TOTAL RECALL! - Fresh on the heals of many recent food recalls, we learn that cilantro from Southern California's Pablo's Produce is now unsafe. Ugh, as if cilantro wasn't nasty enough already! Jesus. [SFist]

WINE COUNTRY - In years past, Sonoma Country vineyards use of the Russian River's water drained it so badly that salmon and steelhead were left stranded to die. Now, they're trying a new plan to save the grapes and the fish. Will it work? [NBC]

SF's The Palace in 1932 [Photo: Chron]

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