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Noe Valley's Urban Cellars; TL's Little Baguette; The Richmond's "Big Heart"; Dropping Like Flies in SoMa!

TENDERLOIN - Little Baguette calls it quits in Bah Mi Town. Now Saigon Sandwiches can continue its march to monopoly. Let's guess what's going in next: more Bah Mi, a bar, or a Tenderloin-specific non-profit? Place your bets! [Tenderblog]

NOE VALLEY - In the (personally) saddest news of the week, Urban Cellars on 24th Street has closed its booze-filled doors. I guess that means no more hilarious musings on relationships, politics, and life's little challenges via their double-sided sign? Please note: the one posted here said, "unfortunately it's the government" on the back. See? Clever! Apparently they cleared out in the middle of the night after not paying rent. Taking off in a blaze of glory like the insane rock stars they are. RIP, littlest liquor shop. [Noe Valley SF]

THE RICHMOND - The adorable "Big Heart" Video Store and Cafe at Geary and 21st will close after 25 years of business. Seems like the building owner/cafe propreitor can't come up with the funds to bring the building up to ADA code. Bummer. [Richmond SF Blog]

SOMA - Quizno's on King Street joins a list of recently departed Soma restaurants that includes the Red Ribbon bakeshop and Jollibee. Prices too steep even for chain restaurants to sustain? South of Market, you've got some 'splainin to do! [Live Soma]

MISSION - The Delano's in the mission is officially closed. It's a bit ahead of time as the others aren't out until December 17th, but when it's over, it's over. Now, let's bring in a TJ's! I need my Candy Cane Joe Joe's [Mission Local]

See any other shutter signs nearby? Do drop us a line so that we can tell the world about it.

Urban Cellars Signage [Photo: Sean94112, Flickr]