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Week in Reviews

2010_01_francessm.jpgFor the Sunday review, Das Bauer!! takes aim at Frances, Melissa Perello's glorious return to the dining scene. As expected from the overwhelmingly positive buzz, Frances earns itself a bigtime rave: "I'm so excited about the food that I'm tempted to describe every dish, but they're so intricately woven and simply presented it would take up the entire Food & Wine section ... Frances has captured the hearts of the Castro, a neighborhood that's been shy of really good restaurants. However, Frances is destined to be a favorite citywide." The food alone nabs a lofty 3.5 stars, and overall, it's a three-star affair for the Castro standout. [Chron]


3870 17th Street, , CA 94114 (415) 621-3870 Visit Website

3870 17th Street, San Francisco CA