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Pizza By Farina Confirmed For Valencia/18th, Due in May

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The pizzeria offshoot of Farina has been rumored for a while now, but a little birdie tells Mission Mission that Farina owners Luca Minna and Laura Garrone have laid claim to the corner of 18th and Valencia, meaning yet another pizza heavyweight is headed to the Mission, joining the likes of Delfina, Flour + Water, Beretta, Arinell and the rest. But if they do a pizza with that award-winning pesto, we could have something notable here.

The restaurant officially confirms the reports, adding that they're hoping to open by May, and maybe even as soon as April. Though the name is still mostly undecided and may be subject to change, the working name for the project is Pizza By Farina. And now, let's see about those Vegas plans.
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Pizza By Farina

18th Street/Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA