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Adventures in Marketing

2009_02_blackt.jpgNot only is Mission newbie Heart holding a singles' mixer on Valentine's Day, and not only is said singles' mixer called Throb, but the evening's theme is teenage heartthrobs. And the wordplay is a-mazing: "In homage of celebrity crushes, we’re pairing all of our wines-by-the-glass with the hunks and babes that made our tender young hearts go pitter-patter. Taste a bloody Italian red that teleports you to a petting session with Robert Pattinson’s vampire fangs; enjoy a little-known, low-production vintage that’s as hip and environmentally friendly as Michael Cera." Also available: Leif Garrett, Jordan Knight and Shannen Doherty. [Heart via Tasting Table]

1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110