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Medjool's Illegal Rooftop Bar Survives Another Hearing

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Yesterday, Medjool had another day in front of city officials to save its illegal rooftop bar, and once again, owner Gus Murat and friends left the hearing with the illegal rooftop bar intact. But barely: the Board of Appeals voted 3-2 to "reconsider the matter" once the Planning Commission reviews plans to redesign and soundproof the terrace, which probably won't take place until May. In another Medjool victory, even though the controversy came to light a year ago, Medjool won't accrue fines for the offense (which violates city law), because according to the city, Murat is trying to bring it into compliance.
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Medjool Sky Terrace

2522 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110 (415) 550-9055


2522 Mission St, San Francisco, CA