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Castro Merchants Upset at Kara's, IHOP Robbed, More!

THE CASTRO—Similar tiffs have already happened in New York and Los Angeles, so it was probably only a matter of time until something like this happened: businesses in the Castro are upset because street vendors—specifically, the Kara's cupcake van—are taking businesses away from them, without the requisite legal permits and tax payments. A community hearing is slated for March 8 to discuss the issue. [SFE]

THE MARINA—Oh noes. Last night at 9PM, a bandit strolled into the IHOP on Lombard and proceeded to rob the place at gunpoint, swiping money from the cash register and two patrons. [SFA]

OAKLAND—Just a reminder that starting this morning with breakfast, the Oakland branch of Cesar made the move into Cesar Latino, changing the concept from Spanish tapas to South and Central American fare. [EaterWire]

EATER BOOK CLUB—A fun fact nestled in Publishers Weekly's piece on reality show cookbooks: local pastry chef/consultant Marisa Churchill has a cookbook in the works too. She signed a deal for a book to be called Sweet & Skinny, "which will collect 100 recipes for low-fat desserts that can be made in under an hour." [PW]


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