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North Beach Fed Up With Suede's Noise (But Not Homicides?)

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Last weekend, Suede was the nightclub where shots were fired into a crowd, leaving one person dead and four seriously injured. Since then, the club has been shut down for at least 30 days, but that hasn't stopped the neighborhood from getting involved. The above screed is posted on Suede's door, and even though it's probably 100% true that Suede—which has a long, long history of trouble—probably deserves to be shut down for good, the letter is full of wildly entertaining NIMBY antics. Not only does it call for a seven-block dry zone, but its main issue is the neighbors' "fundamental right to peace and quiet." Nevermind the murdering—the music is interrupting our sleep cycles!

And now, to the complete letter:

The letter in full (emphasis added):


Join the fight toward ensuring that no license is ever, ever again afforded to 383 Bay Street and/or within seven square blocks of Bay & Mason Streets.

We, the residents of North Beach are saying enough is enough!

We demand that SFPD tidy up its act in how North Beach is being policed. We are completely fatigued with the unnecessary noise.... We are unable to find work and we need to force our bureaucrats to represents us in a meaningful and respectful manner.

These, the managers -- so called proprietor(s) of: The Suede Night Club have never respected our environment ... We flatly challenge them and we categorically refuse to be generous enough to provide them with another chance to operate any type of night club business...

A liquor license comes as a privilege not as a right. -- It certainly ought never to come as a right to abuse the surrounding neighborhood and/or patrons of the licensed establishment.

Make David Chiu, sworn in as District 3 Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco on 2nd December 2008, realize that he too can be recalled for failing to protect our fundamental right to peace and quiet. This disgusting dirty dump is not worthy of serving anyone in any capacity, it will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED ... we will not give up our fight toward ensuring it is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

Stand Up -- Join this crucial fight for our fundamental right to peace and quiet.

· One Dead, Four Injured Following Gunfire at Suede [~ESF~]


383 Bay St, San Francisco, CA